Dean Overpeck in Science Magazine: A Call to Climate Action

Originally published: 
May, 2019

Dean Overpeck teamed up with Dr. Cecilia Conde, a researcher in the Center of Atmospheric Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico, and former General Coordinator for Adaptation to Climate Change for Mexico (2013 to 2017) to urge climate action now in an op-ed for Science magazine.

"The circle of solutions to address the climate crisis must quickly widen and include effective ways to soften the blows of climate change that are already inevitable. Solutions must strive to enable communities, businesses, societies, and natural systems to become resilient and adapt to the changing climate... The top priority must remain the elimination of the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change, and greater emphasis must be placed on positive synergies between mitigation and adaptation actions, especially those that maximize the protection of biodiversity and soils."