Metro Week interview with Dean Overpeck

Originally published: 
August, 2017

Dean Jonathan Overpeck sat down with Metro Week's host, Vanessa Barchfield to discuss how climate change is leading to a rapid decline in Arizona's main source of water: the Colorado River--and what it means for the residents of this area. New research from Overpeck (University of Arizona) and Colorado State University’s Brad Udall predicts a significant drop in the river’s flow over this century. 

Overpeck, one of the nation's leading experts on climate change, was appointed the Samuel A. Graham Dean in June. In this interview, Overpeck discusses his new role at SEAS and why he chose the University of Michigan. 

"My dream is to really have an impact in accelerating the way universities help society and I think I can do a lot more at the University of Michigan because they are very eager to have a bigger impact in society and help solve problems like climate change."