Greg Keoleian shares tips for sustainable holidays on CNN

Sustainable gift wrapping
Originally published: 
December, 2019

In the Dec. 19 CNN online article, "How to have a stylish, sustainable Christmas," SEAS Professor Greg Keoleian shares his advice on how to reduce our carbon footprint while still experiencing the joys (and décor) of the season.

Here’s an excerpt from the CNN story:

"Keoleian says one of the best things you can do for the environment is check the lights on your tree."

‘The older big bulb (C9) incandescent tree lights are very inefficient and should be replaced with LED's. It's easy to identify them because they got hot quickly and can even pose a fire risk.’

Using LED lights can save you 90% on your electricity bill.

"Keoleian also recommends putting your lights on a timer to save additional electricity (and to keep things friendly with the neighbors who might be annoyed by your 24-hour Clark Griswold display).

"Looking for more ideas?

"Keoleian's department at the University of Michigan produced its own video this year with ideas for more sustainable Christmas decorating.