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Friday, October 4, 2019, 5:00 pm

113 Years of Campfire

In 1906, the first Fall Campfire was held at Saginaw Forest, three years after UM Regent Arthur Hill bought a farmland tract and passed the deed to the university for research purposes. Saginaw Forest and the Annual Campfire are a crucial piece of SEAS's history. In 1903, the year UM received Saginaw Forest, the university established a Department of Forestry. This department, which was one of the first of it's kind in the country, was the nascent stage of SEAS. The Department of Forestry evolved into the School of Forestry and Conservation in 1927, with Samuel T. Dana as its dean. The name of the school changed in 1950, and again in 1992 when it arrived at the current School of Natural Resources and Environment. For over 100 years, SEAS has been leading forestry and environmental sciences, evolving itself as the fields evolve and expand. Saginaw Forest is an integral part of this history of success, setting the university up for a century of commitment to better understanding and connecting with the natural world around it. Campfire gives us, our predecessors, and our successors an opportunity to experience the unique history and connection that our school has with Saginaw Forest.

Campfire is a gathering for students, faculty, staff, alumni and their families to enjoy each other's company against the backdrop of Saginaw Forest and Third Sister Lake. The highly anticipated fall event features dinner, beverages (non-alcoholic), music, and activities. Planned activities include wader races, log sawing competition and pumpkin carving for the kids. Campfire is hosted by the SEAS Student Government, led by the Community Chair and his or her committee. Student Government aspires to make every event as sustainable as possible, by reducing waste and increasing community mindedness. As such, we ask that attendees bring their own plate, cup, and utensils for the dinner (bring containers in case of leftovers!) and a dessert to share with their friends, family, and SEASNation.

2017 SEAS Campfire


Saginaw Forest
648 S. Wagner Road
Parking at 242 Community Church parking lot

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