The Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Award

In the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg's experience at U-M, the Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Award provides funding for selected students to take part in a community service project or civic participation anywhere in the world. The award will support experiences, such as volunteering with a humanitarian organization (school, clinic, aid program, etc.) or a project that explores humanitarian issues not well understood in the United States. The Global Engagement and Education Abroad (GEEA) team at the International Center manages the application and selection process.

Awards will be given to cover transportation, room and board, and local excursions made in connection with the project. Graduate student awards are given in amounts of up to $2,500 (*Graduate students must be pursuing a project related to the field of public health).

Application deadline: 
February 15, 2020
Funding type: 
Key eligibility criteria: 
Any Citizenship
PhD Students
Master's Students
Funding source: 
The International Center
Last updated: 
January 27, 2020