"We go to SEAS to better ourselves in helping protect the environment. Applied skills in research and practice, alumni networks, and support from Career Services put SNREds in a great position to become engaged in very fulfilling work."

"Every single day when I work on federal policy I use skills I developed at SEAS. The unique opportunity to blend a strong scientific and environmental education with policy analysis set me up to succeed professionally."

“My relatively quick success on the job market can be mostly attributed to the SEAS career fair. Attending the fair first year gave me an opportunity to really talk with people about the range of practices I could participate in, and led me directly to an internship that shaped my specialization within the field of landscape architecture. That very particular set of skills I received from that internship proved to be quite valuable, and landed me my current full-time position with a design firm.”

The interdisciplinary environment at SEAS, the highly knowledgeable professors, as well as intelligent peers from different backgrounds, along with Career Services staff always willing to guide me through the somewhat intimidating job-hunting process, all greatly helped me in my academic and professional development ,and helped me secure a job that I absolutely love and enjoy waking up in the morning to go to.