Claire L. Schelske

Professor Emeritus


PhD, University of Michigan (1961)
MS, Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia  (1956)
BA, Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia (1955)


Clare L. Schelske, Professor of Natural Resources in the School of Natural Resources, and Associate Professor of Limnology in the College of Engineering, retired from active facutly status as of July 15, 1987. Professor Schelske's career at The University of Michigan began in 1967 when he accepted an appointment as Assistant Professor of Environmental Health in the School of Public Health, with a joint appointment to Assistant Research Limnologist with the Great Lakes Research Division, Institute of Science and Technology. In 1969, he was appointed Associate Research Limnologist, and was promoted to Research Limnologist in 1971. He served as the Great Lakes Research Division's Assistant Director from 1970-72, and Acting Director from 1973-1976. In 1976, Professor Schelske was named Associate Professor of Limnology, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, in the College of Engineering, with a joint appointment to Associate Professor in the School of Natural Resources. In 1986, he was promoted to Professor of Natural Resources.


Professor Schelske's research on biological productivity, nutrient enrichment, biogeochemistry, and paleolimnology of large lakes fostered collaboration with faculty and students in both the College Engineering and the School of Natural Resources. His interactions with colleagues, and his teaching and advising of students, were enhanced by the results of his rigorous research activities.


Named Associate Professor Emeritus of Limnology and Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources.
Who's Who in America
American Men and Women in Science
Distinguished Alumnus, Emporia State University (1989)
Edward S. Deevey Award, Florida Lake Management Society (2002)
Ruth Patrick Award for Environmental Problem Solving, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (2003)

Select publications: 

Publications, authored both independently and collaboratively, reflect his ability to consistently contribute to the body of scientific knowledge in his field.

  • Schelske, C. L, F. J. Aldridge; H. J. Carrick, and M. F. Coveney. 2003. Phytoplankton community photosynthesis and primary production in a hypereutrophic lake, Lake Apopka, Florida. Archiv. Hydrobiol. 157:145-172.

  • Kenney, W. F., M. N. Waters, C. L. Schelske, and M. Brenner. 2002. Sediment records of phosphorus-driven shifts to phytoplankton dominance in shallow Florida lakes. J. Paleolimnol 27:367-377.

  • Shumate, B. C., C. L. Schelske, T. L. Crisman, and W. F. Kenney. 2002. Response of the cladoceran community to trophic state change in Lake Apopka, Florida. J. Paleolimnol. 27:71-77.

  • Brenner M., C. L. Schelske, and L. W. Keenan. 2001. Historical rates of sediment and nutrient accumulation in marshes of the Upper St. Johns River Basin, Florida, USA. J Paleolimnol. 26:241-257.

  • Kenney, W. F., C. L. Schelske and A. D. Chapman. 2001. Changes in polyphosphate sedimentation: A response to excessive phosphorus enrichment in a hypereutrophic lake. Can J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 58:879-887.

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Prior to coming to The University of Michigan, Professor Schelske worked in a variety of academic and governmental settings, including serving as technical assistant in the Office of Science and Technology, Executive Office of the President, Washington, D.C.

American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (Fellow)

American Association for Advancement of Science (Fellow)

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