Art & Environment Gallery

Now on display in the Ford Commons, Dana Building, work by Carisa Kaplan.

Carisa Kaplan was born in Los Angeles but was whisked off to Ann Arbor, MI before her surfing career had a chance to take off. Raised in Ann Arbor she acquired the thick skin required of those living with four seasons. She grew to appreciate this when she worked in Hollywood. After high school she moved back to California, but to the north for college at the University of California, Santa Cruz. It was here that her serious interest in the arts developed and flourished with her studies in art history, film-making (documentaries) and photography. After graduation she moved back to Los Angeles and began to work on Hollywood film productions eventually becoming a union camera assistant. At some point she turned her sites to editing and post-production and eventually left the industry for a career as a paralegal. Throughout her career shifts she maintained a foot in the still photography world, whether it was shooting stills for a reality TV show or putting together her own small, fine art exhibits in local spaces. She now resides in Venice Beach, CA with her husband, Erik, a dog, Oskar and a cat, Osaka.

About the gallery

The Art & Environment Gallery is sponsored by the School for Environment & Sustainability, and is located in the Ford Commons on the first floor of the Samuel Trask Dana Building at 440 Church Street between the Chemistry Building and Randall Lab. The gallery opened in February 2012 to draw more attention to the influence of art in shaping our understanding of science and nature.

It features local and national artists whose work speaks to how people interact and understand the environment. The exhibits rotate every eight weeks and are presented in five showcases in the Dana Building’s central community space for students, staff, and faculty.

"This gallery draws attention to the intersecting values, both artistically and scientifically, of art and the environment." “Because of the way SEAS's curriculum embraces interdisciplinary fields, it is a natural place to host this gallery. We are bringing art to our school to strengthen our sense of community and facilitate dialogue among students, faculty and staff in the spirit of green-building philosophy." ~ Sara Adlerstein, SEAS Associate Research Scientist and gallery organizer and curator.

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Art & Environment Gallery curator, Sara Adlerstein talks about art and science.