Catherine Riseng

Interim Director, Research Program Manager, and Associate Research Scientist


PhD, University of Michigan (natural resources, aquatic resources)

MS, University of Michigan (biology, aquatic ecology)

BS, University of Michigan (botony)

G524 Dana


Catherine Riseng, PhD, is an Assistant Research Scientist and aquatic ecologist with specific focus on fluvial ecosystems and benthic invertebrate ecology. She is interested in assessing and understanding the effects of human landscape alteration on river and lake ecosystems. Her work has included landscape-based models of riverine condition using biological indicators and regression-based models that predict expected condition for rivers of Michigan and Wisconsin. She has also led development of a large geo-spatial database and classification framework, the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Framework.


2016: Integration of GLAHF with WRF-Hydro: C. Riseng PI ($21K), CILER.

2014-2016: Conducting a Condition Assessment of Nearshore Fish Habitat in the Great Lakes Basin: C. Riseng PI ($216K), GLFT & GLBFHP.

2015: Assessment of Progress Indicator Data Integration: C. Riseng UM PI ($80K total, UM $27K), IJC.

2015-2016: Michigan’s Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Climate Change Strategy: Enhancing Local Government Capacity to Address Change: C. Riseng UM sub-contract PI ($82K), MDEQ-CZM. 

2014-2015: Assessing Information Needs and Developing Tools for Great Lakes Ecosystem Management, C.M. Riseng and K. Wehrly, CoPIs ($215K), Water Center U of M.

Select publications: 

L.A. Mason, C.M. Riseng, A.D. Gronewald, E.S. Rutherford, J. Wang, A. Clites, S. Smith, P. McIntyre. 2016. Fine-scale analysis of changes in surface water temperature and ice cover in the North American Great Lakes. J. of Climate Change, Submitted for second review. 

Goodspeed, R., C.M. Riseng, K. Wehrly, W. Yin, L. Mason, B. Schoenfeldt. 2016. Applying Design Thinking Methods to Ecosystem Management Tools: Creating the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Explorer. Marine Policy, doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2016.04.017.

D.K. Forsyth, C. M. Riseng, K.E. Wehrly, L.A. Mason, M. Robertson, J. Gaoit, T. Hollenhorst, C. Johnston, C. Wyrzykowski, C. Castiglione, G. Annis, K.Todd, J.E. McKenna, D.M. Infante, L. Wang, G. Whelan. 2016. A consistent, binational watershed boundary framework for comparing metrics across the Great Lakes Basin. J. Am. Water Resources Research, Accepted. 

Wang, L., D. Infante, C. Riseng, K. Wehrly. 2016. Advancement of geospatial capability in enhancing aquatic ecosystem research and management. Geoinformatics and Geostatistics, Accepted.

Glyshaw, P., C. M Riseng, T.F Nalepa; S.A Pothoven. 2015. Temporal Trends in Nutritional State and Reproduction of Quagga Mussels (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) in Southern Lake Michigan. J. of Great Lakes Research, Special Edition. doi:10.1016/j.jglr.2015.08.006.


Co-Chair Natural Areas Technical Advisory Committee, Washtenaw County (Current)

Ann Arbor Park Advisory Commission (Past)

Ann Arbor Environmental Commission (Past)