Casey Godwin

Research Scientist


Ph.D. 2013, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, Minnesota
M.S. 2006, Ecology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
B.A. 2003, Biology and Environmental Studies, Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa

4840 S.State Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48108-9719


Dr. Casey Godwin recently joined CIGLR as an Assistant Research Scientist. He has a Ph.D. in ecology, evolution, and behavior from the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on how the elemental requirements of bacteria and algae couple carbon and nutrient cycles in freshwater ecosystems. The driving question behind this work is “as we continue to pollute our aquatic ecosystems with excess nutrients, will cycling of carbon and other elements change in proportion, or will fertilization decouple key ecosystem processes?” He has examined this question in the context of impact of stream algae on nutrient retention within watersheds, functional diversity of freshwater bacteria in response to land use change, and most recently, minimizing the fertilizer demand of renewable fuels produced from algae. As part of CIGLR, he is working on projects including the effects of nutrient abundance and forms on harmful algal blooms and the influence of hypoxia on the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and heavy metals in Lake Erie.

  • Impacts of nutrient loading on biogeochemical processes in the Great Lakes
  • Role of flexible biomass stoichiometry in coupling productivity and element cycling
  • Physiological adaptations of aquatic microbes to nutrient starvation and surplus

Select publications: 

Godwin, C.M., A.R. Lashaway, D.C. Hietala, P.E. Savage and B.J. Cardinale. 2018. Biodiversity improves the ecological design of sustainable biofuel systems. Global Change Biology Bioenergy. (DOI:10.1111/gcbb.12524). [Press Release] [Altmetric Score]

Godwin, C.M. and J.B. Cotner. 2017. What intrinsic and extrinsic factors explain the stoichiometric diversity of aquatic heterotrophic bacteria? ISME Journal. (DOI:10.1038/ismej.2017.195). [Press Release] [Altmetric Score]

Godwin, C.M., D.C. Hietala, A.R. Lashaway, A. Narwani, P.E. Savage and B.J. Cardinale. 2017. Ecological stoichiometry meets ecological engineering: using polycultures to enhance the multifunctionality of algal biocrude systems. Environmental Science and Technology. 51:11450-11458, (DOI:10.1021/acs.est.7b02137). [Altmetric Score]

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