Hongyan Zhang

Assistant Research Scientist


PhD, The Ohio State University (ecology)

MS, Ocean University of China (aquatic ecology)

BS, Ocean University of China (marine aquaculture)

(734) 741-2354


Zhang’s research interests focus on investigating ecosystem responses to singular or combined natural and anthropogenic stressors including eutrophication, invasive species, contaminants, climate change, and land-use change, and how the understandings of those responses will help to enhance lake resources management and habitat restoration.  Dr. Zhang has been using numerical models (e.g., water quality model, Ecopath with Ecosim, and the Atlantis Ecosystem Model) to study the Laurentian Great Lakes Ecosystems.

  • Assessing the causes, consequences and remedies for hypoxia in Lake Erie
  • The dynamics of harmful algal blooms in the water basin of Lake Erie in response to the external nutrient loading
  • Assessing risk of Asian carp invasion and impacts on Great Lakes food webs and fisheries
  • Forecasting spread and bioeconomic impacts of aquatic invasive species from multiple to improve management and policy in the Great Lakes

Select publications: 
  • Zhang, H., Boegman, L., Scavia, D., Culver, D.A., 2016. Spatial distributions of external and internal phosphorus loads in Lake Erie and their impacts on phytoplankton and water quality. J. Great Lakes Res. 42, 1212-1227.
  • Lodge, D.M., Simonin, P.W., Burgiel, S.W., Keller, R.P., Bossenbroek, J.M., Jerde, C.L., Kramer, A.M., Rutherford, E.S., Barnes, M.A., Wittmann, M.E., Chadderton, W.L., Apriesnig, J.L., Beletsky, D., Cooke, R.M., Drake, J.M., Egan, S.P., Finnoff, D.C., Gantz, C.A., Grey, E.K., Hoff, M.H., Howeth, J.G., Jensen, R.A., Larson, E.R., Mandrak, N.E., Mason, D.M., Martinez, F.A., Newcomb, T.J., Rothlisberger, J.D., Tucker, A.J., Warziniack, T.W., and Zhang, H. 2016. Risk Analysis and Bioeconomics of Invasive Species to Inform Policy and Management. Annual Review of Environment and Resources 41(1):453-488.

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