Jennifer Blesh

Assistant Professor


PhD, Cornell University (Soil and Crop Sciences)
MS, Cornell University (Soil and Crop Sciences)
BS, University of Georgia (Ecology)

(734) 763-2470


As a broadly trained agroecologist, Jennifer Blesh, PhD, uses interdisciplinary research approaches to understand how different agrifood systems impact ecological and social processes. Her ecological research focuses on soil nitrogen and carbon biogeochemical cycles, agroecosystem nutrient management, and legume nitrogen fixation. Blesh’s research program pays particular attention to alternative production-consumption relations, and is guided by a pragmatic motivation to support development of more ecologically sustainable and equitable food systems. Previous to her position at SEAS, Blesh served as a post-doctoral fellow with the National Science Foundation International Research Fellowship Program at the Federal University of Mato Grosso in Brazil. Current projects include assessing the socioecological resilience of family farms in Brazil, and research in the U.S. centered on cropping system diversification through winter cover crops and improving nitrogen retention in farm fields.

  • Understanding variation in legume nitrogen fixation in agroecosystems
  • Managing plant diversity in agroecosystems to increase soil carbon storage, enhance internal nutrient cycling capacity, and reduce the environmental costs of agriculture
  • Identifying social and ecological factors that support or constrain ecosystem-based management and social-ecological resilience of food systems
  • Understanding linkages between agrobiodiversity, dietary diversity, and human and ecosystem health

  • NSF International Research Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Portuguese, U.S. Department of Education
  • NSF IGERT Fellowship, Biogeochemistry, Cornell University

Select publications: 
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