Julia M. Wondolleck

Associate Professor


PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (environmental policy and planning)

MCP, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (environmental planning)

BA, University of California Davis (economics)

3512 Dana


Julia Wondolleck’s research and teaching is focused on the collaborative dimension of marine, coastal and terrestrial ecosystem management. She is interested in the structure of policy and administrative processes that promote the sustainability of ecological and human systems in the face of diverse yet legitimate interests, scientific complexity, and often conflicting and ambiguous legal direction. Wondolleck has spent over 30 years examining the emergence and functioning of inter-organizational and community-based collaborative processes in ecosystem-scale resource planning and management. These processes often arise in response to natural and/or social system crises. This research looks at both conflict and collaboration in the management of public natural resources and, in particular, the factors that promote and sustain collaborative resource management processes over time. Current research projects include: assessing lessons for policy and practice from marine and coastal ecosystem-based management initiatives around the world; understanding the factors that enable resilience of local communities; examining effective end user engagement in collaborative science; and, advancing understanding of the connections between the factors that encourage and sustain collaborative ecosystem management initiatives and the institutional arrangements that might better enable community-level adaptation to the effects of climate change.

  • Expanding Stewardship: Agriculture as Conservation. Client: The Stewardship Network. 2018.
  • Possibilities for Collaboration in the Saco River Watershed: An Assessment. Client: Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve. 2018.
  •  Resilience of Oregon Coastal Communities in Response to External Stressors. Client: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. 2016.
  •  Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in Eastern Europe & Russia. Client: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 2016.
  •  Community Engagement Toolkit for Managers of Marine Protected Areas. Client: NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center. 2014.
  •  Development of a Water Conservation Plan for the Roaring Fork Watershed, Colorado. Client: Roaring Fork Conservancy. 2014.
  •  An Assessment of Institutional Relationships at the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Client: NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program. 2012.

  • Students for SNRE Outstanding Teaching Award (2001, 2003, 2010, 2017).
  • University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School Master’s Mentoring Award (2014).
  • Book of the Year Award, International Association of Conflict Management, Making Sense of Intractable Environmental Conflicts, (Lewicki, Gray and Elliott, eds.), co-author Chapters 2 & 3.

Select publications: 
  • Marine Ecosystem-based Management in Practice: Different Pathways, Common Lessons. 2017. Julia Wondolleck and Steven Yaffee. Island Press.
  • Making Collaboration Work: Lessons from Innovation in Natural Resource Management. 2000. Julia Wondolleck and Steven Yaffee. Island Press.
  • Environmental Disputes: Community Involvement in Conflict Resolution. 1990. James Crowfoot and Julia Wondolleck. Island Press.
  • Public Lands Conflict and Resolution: Managing National Forest Disputes. 1988. Julia Wondolleck. Plenum Publishers.


Facilitator, City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, “Huron River and Impoundment Management Planning (HRIMP) Process” (2007-May 2009).

National Advisory Board Member, Public Land and Resources Law Review, University of Montana School of Law (2005-present).