Kurt P. Kowalski

Adjunct Assistant Professor


PhD, University of Michigan (aquatic ecology)

MS, Eastern Michigan University (geography, GIS and remote sensing)

B.S. University of Michigan (natural resources policy and behavior)


  • What is the role of hydrologic connectivity in the rehabilitation and adaptive management of diked and coastal wetland ecosystems in the Great Lakes? 
  • Can we find sustainable control options for Phragmites australis and other invasive plant species? 
  • What is the landscape-scale potential for coastal wetland habitat rehabilitation in western Lake Erie?

These are a few of the research questions that Kowalski has been working on during his 19+ years at the Great Lakes Science Center.  His master’s work in GIS and remote sensing at EMU and doctoral studies at UM provided a solid foundation for extensive work with USFWS refuges (Detroit River, Ottawa, Seney, Shiawassee), Ohio DNR, Michigan DNR, The Nature Conservancy, Ducks Unlimited, and many other partners.  Kowalski studied the diked and coastal marshes of western Lake Erie for many years and continue to work with managers to apply site specific results at regional scales.  Leadership experiences at the National Conservation Leadership Institute and within USGS have helped him produce some innovative science and push our research teams in new directions.

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