MaryCarol Hunter

Associate Professor


PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook (ecology)

MLA, University of Georgia (landscape architecture)

BA, University of California at Berkeley (zoology)

BA, University of Detroit (communications)

(734) 615-1413
3572 Dana


Dr. MaryCarol Hunter is a landscape architect and ecologist with a research program that encompasses social, psychological and ecological aspects of sustainable urban design. She received a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook in 1981 and an M.L.A from the University of Georgia in 1999. Current and recently funded work focuses on the impact of nature experiences on mental wellbeing and how the quality of nature in preferred outdoor places – its physical attributes and spatial form, contribute a person’s wellbeing response.  She translates research outcomes to design guidelines to better support urban sustainability by creating places that people appreciate and protect.

  • 2013-2018: TKF Foundation, “The mechanisms and design elements of restorative experiences at Open Space, Sacred Places (OSSP) sites”, with PI Marc Berman and Co‐PI John Jonides,    $678.2K

  • 2013-2014: University of Michigan MCubed Grant, “A “nature pill” for healthy ageing in urban areas“, with co‐PIs Sara Warber & Brenda Gillespie, $60,000

  • 2012-2015: USDA‐FS, McIntire‐Stennis Award, “Public urban green spaces: The impact of proximity to home, landscape structure, and ecological diversity on mental wellbeing”, USDA‐NIFA‐MSCFR‐TBA, $72,000

  • 2011-2012: SNRE Research Seed Grant Program, “Spatially Contagious Distribution of Easement Gardens in Ann Arbor: motivations and cultural impact”, $7000

  • 2009-2010: USDA‐FS,  McIntire‐Stennis Award, “Supporting Ecological Services Provided by Urban Forest Habitat in Residential Areas”, USDA‐NIFA‐MSCFR‐002655,  $67,500 

  • Member and Executive Committee for Gamma Sigma Delta, honor society of agriculture (2003‐2005).
  • American Society of Landscape Architects: ASLA Certificate of Honor (1998‐1999).
  • Member of Sigma Lambda Alpha, landscape architecture honor society.
  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (1998).
  • University‐Wide Fellowship, University of Georgia (1997‐1998 and 1998‐1999).

Select publications: 

Read more publications here.

  • Oconee River Greenway Commissioner, appointed by Mayor, Athens, GA (2002‐2006).
  • Executive Board & Secretary, Northeast Georgia chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects (2002‐2004)
  • Board of Directors, Broad River Watershed Association, (2000‐2003)

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