Michaela Theresia Zint

Professor; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


PhD, Michigan State University (Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Human Dimensions)

MBA, Michigan State University (marketing)

BA, Michigan State University (Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management)

(734) 763-6961
2032a Dana


Professor Zint led the development of My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource (MEERA). MEERA provides environmental educators with resources to conduct and improve evaluations of their programs. Dr. Zint conducts on-going research on predicting responsible environmental behavior. A current study seeks to identify ways a federal watershed education grant program can foster changes in teachers’ environmental education practices and students’ environmental actions. Her research interests include environmental education (behavior change, program evaluation, education for sustainability, professional development, pre-service education); environmental (risk) communication; social sciences and environment; business & environment (especially green marketing); water/fish/fisheries/Great Lakes (issues related to education, communication).

  • 2014-2016: Planting Roots, Branching Out: A proposal to continue exploring the benefits of an education program design to foster middle school students’ understanding of Michigan’s trees and forests – and – the impacts of climate change on these resources. US Forest Service McIntire-Stennis Research Program, $55,000 (Principal Investigator).
  • 2013-2014: “I want to make a difference” – Motivating students to learn by providing them with an opportunity to enhance campus sustainability efforts. University of Michigan Transforming Learning for Third Century – Quick Wins, $25,000 (Principal Investigator).
  • 2012-2014: Enhancing public interests in forests: Exploring the benefits of an education program to foster middle school students’ understanding of local trees and forests –and- of the impacts of climate change on these resources. US Forest Service McIntire-Stennis Research Program, $60,000 (Principal Investigator).
  • 2011-2012: Showcasing SNRE research at Saginaw Forest: A proposal to enhance local formal and informal environmental science education opportunities to strengthen the “Broader Impacts” of SNRE research. School of Natural Resources & Environment SEED, $20,668 (Co-Principal Investigator with Ines Ibanez).
  • 2010-2011: NOAA B-Wet National Evaluation System. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration $72,775. (Co-Principal Investigator with Anita Kraemer).


North American Association for Environmental Education Outstanding Contributions to Research in Environmental Education Award (2014)

University of Michigan Students for SNRE Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award (2014)

Select publications: 
  • Zint, M., Kraemer, A. & G. E. Kolenic. 2014. Evaluating Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences: An exploration into the effects on participating students’ environmental stewardship characteristics and the relationships between these predictors of environmentally responsible behavior. Studies in Educational Evaluation: Special Issue on Research in Environmental Education Evaluation, 41: 4-17.
  • Zint, M. & K. Wolske. 2014. From information provision to participatory deliberation: Engaging residents in the transition toward sustainable cities. In Mazmanian, D. and Blanco H. (Eds.) The Elgar Companion to Sustainable Cities: Strategies, Methods and Outlook. Edward Elgar Publishing, Northampton, MA, pp. 188-209.
  • Levy, B. L. M. and M. Zint. 2013. Toward fostering environmental political participation: framing an agenda for environmental education research. Environmental Education Research. 19(5): 553-576
  • Kelly, M., Little, S., Phelps, K., Roble, C. & M. Zint. 2012. Watershed outreach professionals’ behavior change practices, challenges, and needs. Applied Environmental Education & Communication 11(1): 35-52.
  • Zint, M. 2012. Advancing environmental education program evaluation: Insights from a review of behavioral outcome evaluations. In Stephenson, B., Brody, M, Dillon, J., and Wals, A. (eds.), International Handbook of Research in Environmental Education, pp. 298-309. Routledge, New York, NY.

Read more publications here.


Leader, North American Association for Environmental Education Evaluation Clinic (2014-2015).