Richard R. Tucker

Adjunct Professor


PhD, Harvard University (history)
BA, Oberlin College (history)

(734) 763-9279


I am teaching two related courses. One is a world environmental history survey, centering on global trends in resource exploitation and pollution accumulation. It emphasizes colonial regimes and their legacies, including the neocolonial reach of the American ecological empire. This constitutes an approach to the history of unsustainability, but it also considers our evolving capacity to consume and manage resources more sustainably. The second course is a world history of environmental impacts of wars and militarization, a major dimension of environmental history that has rarely been considered seriously. This course includes an emphasis on our contemporary situation.

Select publications: 
  • "Forest Management and Imperial Politics: Thana District, Bombay," Indian Economic and Social History Review, 1979.

  • Co-editor, with J. F. Richards, Global Deforestation and the Nineteenth Century World Economy.  Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1983.  Author of chapter, "The British Colonial System and the Forests of the Western Himalayas.

  • "The Historical Roots of Social Forestry in the Kumaon Hima­layas," Journal of Developing Areas, 18:3 (April 1984)

  • "The Evolution of Transhumant Grazing in the Punjab Himalaya,"  Mountain Research and Development, 6:1 (1986)

  • With Norman Myers, "Deforestation in Central America: Spanish Legacy and North American Consumers," Environmental Review, 11:1 (Spring 1987)

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