Thomas N. Gladwin, PhD.

Professor Emeritus


PhD, University of Michigan (international business and natural resource policy)

MS, University of Michigan (business administration)

BS, University of Delaware (business administration)



Professor Gladwin, a former Max McGraw Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, held a joint appointment with the Ross School of Business. Professor Gladwin's research focused on the intersection of environmentalism and globalism in relation to the behavior of industrial corporations. He has published extensively-more than 125 publications-on the theme that the challenges of environmental sustainability and economic globalization are probably the two most profound forces shaping human destiny. This theme is a vital and challenging one, and one to which Gladwin speaks provocatively. At the core of Gladwin's research is the idea that the reintegration of humanity with nature is necessary if organizational science is to support ecologically and socially sustainable development.


National Science Foundation – “Integrative Technology, Design and Innovation for Sustainable Urban Mobility,” ($ 3 million 2009 IGERT Proposal, finalist).
Institute for Social Research/Center for Advancing Research & Solutions for Society – “Institutional Support for the Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research and Transformation Project,” ($300K awarded 2006-2009).
Ford Motor – “Support for SMART and Related Masters Projects,” ($750K awarded 2006-2012).
National Science Foundation -- “Community-Based Building of Integrated, Dynamic Complex Systems Models for Sustainable Fuel Pathways” ($125K awarded 2005-08).
Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb --$10 million of endowment support for the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise (2005).

  • Northwestern University Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Sustainability (2009) 
  • Aspen Institute Business and Society Program/General Electric Foundation – Two-year Teaching Innovation Program (2004)
  • World Resources Institute and Aspen Institute – Faculty Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement (2003) 
  • AT&T -- Industrial Ecology Faculty Fellowship (University of Michigan Team on Life Cycle Assessment of E-Publishing and Digital Libraries) (2001-03). World Resources Institute and Aspen Institute -- Award for Leading Programs Incorporating Environmental and Social Impact Management, to University of Michigan Business School (2001/03).

Select publications: 
  • Gladwin, T.N., W.E. Newburry and R. Chandra. 1998. "Reconciling economic globalization with sustainable development," in Sustainable Development and the Industrial Firm, ed. N. Roome (Washington, D.C.: Island Press).
  • Gladwin, T.N., W.E. Newburry and E.D. Reiskin. 1997. "Why is the Northern elite mind biased against community, the environment and a sustainable future?," in Environment, Ethics and Behavior: The Psychology of Environmental Valuation and Degradation, eds. M.H. Bazerman, et al. (San Francisco: The New Lexington Press).
  • Gladwin, T.N. and J.J. Kennelley. 1997. "Sustainable development: A new paradigm for management theory and practice" in Business and the Natural Environment, eds. P. Bansal and E. Howard Butterworth-Heinemann (Oxford, UK: Butterworth-Heinemann).
  • Gladwin, T.N. 1997. Developing reputations for global sustainability.Stern Business 4(2): 28-31.
  • Gladwin, T.N. 1997. Corporate responsibility: Head-butting. Tomorrow: Global Environment Business 7(3): 26-27.


Panel member, Educational Task Force of President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development
Panel member, U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment
Panel member, The Council on Economic Priorities Campaign for Cleaner Corporations and America’s Corporate Conscience Awards

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