Brent Heard

Doctoral Track: 
Resource Policy and Behavior (RPB)
Entering year: 

BS, Carnegie Mellon University (economics and environmental policy), 2015

Brent Heard's work focuses on anticipating the sustainability implications of emerging technologies, with his current research investigating the effects of expanded refrigerated supply chains on food system sustainability.

Select publications: 

Heard BR, Taiebat M, Xu M, Miller SA. Sustainability Implications of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles for the Food Supply Chain. Resources, Conversation and Recycling, 2018.

Heard BR, Miller SA, Liang S, Xu M. “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for the Food–Energy–Water Nexus in Urban Systems.” Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 2017.

Heard BR, Miller SA. Critical Research Needed to Examine the Environmental Impacts of Expanded Refrigeration on the Food System. Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Miller SA, Heard BR. The Environmental Impact of Autonomous Vehicles Depends on Adoption Patterns. Environmental Science & Technology, 2016