Jennifer Zavaleta

Doctoral Track: 
Resource Policy and Behavior (RPB)
Entering year: 

MS, Texas Tech University (wildlife aquatic wildland science management)

BA, Claremont McKenna College (government)

Biography: Jennifer Zavaleta is a Ph.D. student within the Resource Policy and Behavior Track. Her research is at the intersection of development, ecology, and social science. Her current research relates to adaptive development and capacity in rain-fed areas of India and forestry governance in Chile. Jennifer has a Bachelors of Arts in Government with a focus on International Development from Claremont McKenna College and Masters of Science in Wildlife and Rangeland Science Management from Texas Tech University. Her background as a social scientist and an ecologist has highlighted that broad-impact research must happen at a variety of spatial and temporal scales, include a number of stakeholders, and rely on methodologies from a number of disciplines.


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program NSF-GRFP           

Graham Environmental Sustainability Doctoral Fellow 

Borlaug Fellowship in Global Food Security

Weinberg Fellowship for Population, Development and Climate Change 

Select publications: 
  • Zavaleta, J. C., D. A. Haukos, B. Grisham, C. Boal, and C. Dixon. 2016. Restoring shinnery oak prairies with herbicide and grazing in New Mexico. Southwestern Naturalist 61(3): 225-232.
  • Andersson, K., D. Lawrence, and J. C. Zavaleta. Governing Resources: The socioeconomic impact of forestry expansion in Chile (Expected Publication: Summer 2015).
  • Donoso, P. and J. C. Zavaleta. 2014. Propuesta preliminar de incorporación de nuevos sitios de investigaciones socioecológicos de largo plazo en la Red LTSER de Chile. Bosque 35 (3): 459- 466.
  • Donoso, P. J, Frene, C., M. Flores, C. E. Oyarzún, M. C. Moorman, and J. C. Zavaleta. 2013. Balancing water supply and old-growth forest conservation in the lowlands of south central Chile through an adaptive co-management approach. Landscape Ecology. 18 pp.
  • Cheek, C.A., S. Hilavity, K. Mogue, B. Perkins, M. Pyron, C. Ryan, J. Zavaleta (alphabetical), G. Perry, and C. Boal. 2013. Vertical Structure Use by Juvenile Stout Iguanas (Cyclura pinguis) on Guana Island, B.V.I. IRCF Reptiles and Amphibians 20 (3): 112-118.