Katherine Browne

Doctoral Track: 
Resource Policy and Behavior (RPB)
Entering year: 

MS, University of Michigan (environmental justice), 2015

  • Science and Technology Policy Graduate Certificate (Ford School of Public Policy) 

BA, College of Charleston (religious studies), 2009


Katie Browne is a PhD pre-candidate from North Carolina studying local-to-global linkages in climate policy. After graduating from the College of Charleston, she joined the Peace Corps and served three years in the environmental sector in Madagascar, working with the National Parks system and Wildlife Conservation Society. After her time in Madagascar, Katie entered the School for Environment and Sustainability (SNRE) masters program, where she completed an MS in Environmental Justice and a certificate in Science and Technology Public Policy. While in the program, Katie coordinated SNRE's student delegation to the UN climate negotiations and completed an internship on social vulnerability to zoonotic disease in Kenya. Before joining the PhD program, Katie worked for a year as the community outreach coordinator for an energy and sustainability project in Gabon. In addition to her research, Katie reports on UN environmental negotiations for the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), mentors future Peace Corps Volunteers, and takes lots and lots of photographs. 


Katie's research is broadly focused on the social consequences of climate change and global-to-local linkages in international climate policy.

Select publications: 
  • Lemos, M. and K Browne. “Environmental Science and Public Policy.” Companion to Environmental Studies. New York: Routledge. In press.
  • Browne, K., A Agrawal, and L Katz. Futures of Conservation Funding: Can Indonesia sustain financing of the Bird’s Head Seascape? Michigan Sustainability Cases. 2016.
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  • Golrokhian, A., K Browne, R Hardin, A Agrawal, K Askew, L Beny, B Larroquette, B Morse. National Adaptation Programme of Action: Ethiopia’s Response to Climate Change. World Development Perspectives (1) 2016: 53-57.
  • K. Browne, R Hardin, A Agrawal, P Zhu Zeng, C Bothner, A Golrokhian, A Bhargava, Kusano, M Wright. Michigan Sustainability Cases: towards a revolution in sustainability education. Proceedings of Dakar 2016: Innovation, Transformation, and Sustainable Futures for Africa. Forthcoming.