Kelsea Dombrovski

Doctoral Track: 
Resource Policy and Behavior (RPB)
Entering year: 

MS, University of California, Davis (community development), 2016

BA, Carleton College (environmental studies: food & agriculture), 2011

Kelsea Dombrovski received her BA in Environmental Studies from Carleton College and her MS in Community Development from University of California, Davis.  Prior to completing her Master’s degree she worked for the City of St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department and as a program manager for arts and social service nonprofits in St. Paul, MN.  Kelsea’s academic interests include human-environment relationships and the benefits of urban greenspaces, and she hopes to explore these topics in the context of changing Midwestern cities.

Kelsea currently works as a research assistant on Neighborhood, Environment, and Water Research Collaborations for Green Infrastructure (NEW-GI). Her role is to support collaboration within and between transdisciplinary team members and community partners as well as assist in development and data analysis of a large household survey for the project, which will be conducted in Detroit during Summer 2017. In addition, Kelsea is managing preparation for the release of an extensive White Paper, to be released in 2018.


Undergraduate Thesis: Motivating Enrollment: Rice County Landowners in the Conservation Reserve Program: Focused on landowners' motivations for enrolling in the Conservation Reserve Program, a governmental program that provides small stipends to farmers to withdraw some of their land from production.

Master's Thesis: The Restorative Potential of Farmers Markets: Research was an examination of the potential of farmers markets to function as restorative environments: environments in which visitors feel a relief from attention fatigue and reduced demands on their attention.