Patrick Thomas

Doctoral Track: 
Resource Ecology Management (REM)
Entering year: 

MS, Boise State University (biology)

BS, University of Californiam, Santa Cruz (biology)

Patrick Thomas is a PhD student within the Resource Ecology and Managment track. He is interested in the rich and complex interactions between species in diverse aquatic ecosystems, and I believe a better understanding of these interactions may inform and enhance the industrial-scale cultivation of microalgae for next-generation bio-fuels and bio-products. 

Select publications: 

Thomas, P.K., G. Dunn, E.R. Coats, D.T. Newby, K.P. Feris (2016). Effects of algal diversity on productivity and grazing resistance in dairy wastewater. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Thomas, P.K., G. Dunn, K.P. Feris (2016). Semi-continuous cultivation of assembled and naturally occurring algal communities in anaerobic digester effluent. Manuscript in preparation.

Thomas, P.K., G. Dunn, M. Passero, K.P. Feris (2016). Utilization of ammonia in dairy wastewater for algal crop protection. Manuscript in preparation.