Zicheng (Kevin) Bi

Doctoral Track: 
Resource Ecology Management (REM)
Entering year: 

MS, University of Michigan (sustainable systems and environmental policy & planning), 2015
BE, Zhejiang University (environmental engineering), 2013


Research interests include: Life Cycle Assessment, Industrial Ecology, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles & Fleet Electrification

Select publications: 

Bi, Z., Song, L., De Kleine, R., Mi, C., Keoleian, G.A. “Plug-in vs. Wireless Charging: Life Cycle Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions for an Electric Bus System”. Applied Energy 2015;146:11–9.

Bi, Z., De Kleine, R., Keoleian, G.A. “Integrated Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Model for Comparing Plug-in vs. Wireless Charging for an Electric Bus System”. Journal of Industrial Ecology. (In Press)

Bi, Z., Kan, T., Mi, C.C., Zhang, Y., Zhao, Z., Keoleian, G.A. “A Review of Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles: Prospects to Enhance Sustainable Mobility”. Applied Energy 2016;179:413–25.( Equal contribution from these authors)

Business Case:
Ballantyne, K., Bi, Z., Underwood, N., Weng, X. “Taking a Bite Out of Apple - Labor Rights and the Role of Companies and Consumers in a Global Supply Chain”. GlobaLens. Feb 2014 (Business case on corporate sustainability, advised by Professor Andy Hoffman)