Engagement Worldwide

Support, Mentorship, Funding

  • SEAS faculty conduct research around the world. Students often have the opportunity to work with faculty on these initiatives.
  • Institutes within SEAS — International Forestry Resources and Institutions, Institute for Fisheries Research, Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research, Michigan Sea Grant — are engaged in work both within our region and worldwide.
  • Capstone projects of our master's students — for example, "Assessment of the India River Linking Plan," "Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in Eastern Europe and Russia," "Specialty Coffee Farmers' Climate Change Concern [in Costa Rica] and Perceived Ability to Adapt" — take them all over the world.
  • Sustainability without Borders is a student organization open to all SEAS students. Members plan and coordinate sustainability projects worldwide. Past projects have addressed public health and sanitation in the Paccha Valley of Peru, biosand filtration in China, and solar-powered aquaponics in Liberia.
  • Students often partner with nongovernmental organizations to increase impact. SEAS students attended the climate talks in Paris and the follow-up talks in Morocco.