A Vast Alumni Network

8,000+ SEAS Alumni | 575,000+ U-M Alumni

  • University of Michigan graduates are some of the proudest alumni around. Anywhere in the world, if you go out wearing a Michigan shirt, someone will greet you with "Go Blue!"
  • When U-M offered the nation’s first college-level forestry course in 1881, it staked a claim to environmental leadership for decades to come. Since then, our school — which has been called, successively, the School of Forestry and Conservation, SNR (the School of Natural Resources), SNRE (the School of Natural Resources and Environment), and now SEAS — has trained 10,000 students to practice and promote responsible stewardship of our natural world.
  • When you become a SEAS student, you gain access to this immense network. As leaders and accomplished professionals, SEAS alumni provide invaluable guidance to students. Whether through mentorships, internships, or networking invitations, alumni support students in their efforts to become the next leaders of environment and sustainability.
  • Visit our alumni impact site to learn more about SEAS alumni.