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Facilitating Collaborative Public Decisions: A Video-based Training Tool

This interactive website presents a stepwise process for facilitating collaborative decision making, incorporating video clips from the eight-year California marine protected areas process. Stakeholders, facilitators, agency officials, and students will find this tool a valuable resource to build skills and better understand collaborative efforts.

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Building Bridges in Marine Conservation

Julia M. Wondolleck and Steven L. Yaffee

Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in Practice is the first practical guide for the marine conservation realm. In a unique collection of case studies, the authors showcase successful collaborative approaches to ecosystem-based management.

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Worldwide Cases of Marine Ecosystem Based Management

This website presents 60 case studies and cross-cutting lessons of Marine Ecosystem-Based Management (MEBM). MEBM seeks to manage marine resources in ways that protect ecosystem health while providing the ecosystem services needed by people. Rather than focusing solely on a single species or resource, MEBM incorporates science and balances the demands of user groups to create management strategies that are more likely to be sustainable than traditional approaches.

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New Report: Building a Stewardship Economy: Insights from Community Innovation in the Rural American West


Recent Reports: NERRS Science Collaborative Projects Assessment Lessons learned about collaborative science in the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.


Fellowships: EMI administers the Wyss Scholars Program and we are currently in the process of selecting the 2017-2019 cohort.


Resources: Download the Evaluation Sourcebook, a ready reference of ecological, socio-economic, and organizational progress measures.


Research: Read about our featured research on the Resource Legacy Fund's Preserving Wild California Program, as well as recent EMI-supported Master's Projects about Collaborative Forest Restoration, Coastal Community Resilience in Oregon, Renewable Energy in California, and Corn Ethanol and Wildlife.


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