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Selected Publications related to Collaboration

School of Natural Resources and Environment Faculty and Graduate Student Researchers have made significant contributions to the understanding and practice of collaboration in ecosystem management contexts throughout the world.


Below are some examples of their work in a variety of sources including books , reports , working papers , and articles .








Books and Book Chapters


Working Papers


  • "Making Collaboration Work" by Julia Wondolleck and Steven Yaffee Conservation Biology in Practice v. 1, n. 1 (Spring 2000)
  • "What Hat Do I Wear Now? An Examination of Agency Roles in Collaborative Processes" by Julia Wondolleck and Clare Ryan Negotiation Journal,v. 15, n. 2 (April 1999)
  • "Ecosystem Management in Practice: The Importance of Human Institutions" by Steven Yaffee published in Ecological Applications v. 6, n. 3 (1996)
  • "Teetering at the Top of the Ladder: The Experience of Citizen Group Participants in Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes" by Julia Wondolleck, Nancy Manring, and James Crowfoot Sociological Perspectives v. 39, n.2 (Summer 1996)
  • "Building Knowledge Pools and Relationsheds at the Forest Ecosystem Level" by Steven Yaffee and Julia Wondolleck Journal of Forestry v. 93 (1995)
  • "The Role of Training in Providing Opportunities for Environmental and Natural Resource Dispute Resolution" by Julia Wondolleck Environmental Impact Assessment Review v.8, n.3. (1988)

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