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I liked having a group tool that allows people to brainstorm and plan within a structure. Especially helpful was the categorizing of ideas and envisioning the flow and effect which leads from one to the other. I’m new at group process but I think my group of artists could benefit in using these tools – especially as we are just starting out.

Participant in an EMI training


At EMI, we develop tools and compile resources to assist natural resource practitioners in evaluating and adaptively managing their organizations and projects. Numerous tools and resources are available for free through this website, including:

  • Measuring Progress, a downloadable workbook to guide you through the EMI Evaluation Process.To learn more about Measuring Progress and related worksheet templates and tools, click here.
  • Evaluation Sourcebook, a downloadable text-based accompaniment to the Measuring Progress workbook that lists sample evaluation questions, indicators, and data sources relevant to measuring ecological, socio-economic, and organization/process progress. Click here to learn more about the Evaluation Sourcebook.
  • Interactive Evaluation Planning Guide, a planning tool that allows users to use web-based technology to construct an evaluation plan and to print that plan as a final product. Click here to use the Interactive Evaluation Planning Guide.
  • Examples of completed situation maps and assessment frameworks. EMI trainers have facilitated numerous evaluation trainings and long-term planning processes for organizations across North America. Through this work, we have collected and posted examples of the situation maps and evaluation questions/indicators developed through these processes. Due to confidentiality concerns, we cannot post all examples on the internet. Click here for some examples of situation maps and related questions/indicators.
  • Links to Evaluation and Adaptive Management Resources. This resource features links to numerous online sources of information related to monitoring and evaluation of ecological, socio-economic, and organization/process themes. Links to general evaluation resources such as handbooks, tutorials, and toolboxes are also provided. Click here to view the Links to Evaluation Resources.


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