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Graduate Opportunities in Ecosystem Management

Biological Research Station, Pelston, Michigan © SNREEcosystem management focuses on ways to maintain and restore ecological integrity while guiding appropriate human uses of natural systems. Hence, it requires an understanding of natural systems, social systems, and the ways to manage the effects of one on the other through effective decision making processes and creative design and planning. The School of Natural Resources & Environment (SNRE) provides a variety of ways to study these elements of ecosystem management through pre-professional graduate studies.

Masters Program

As partial fulfillment of a masters degree, all students complete an "opus" - a thesis, practicum, or group research project. Because of the commitment to interdisciplinary studies and learning, many students choose to participate in the group research project option. These projects involve independent and original research as a group, rather than as individuals, and are usually undertaken for governmental or nongovernmental clients. Project students develop proposals in cooperation with faculty advisors and conduct joint research on topics such as endangered species policy and management of river corridors in urban areas. Several recent masters projects have focused on ecosystem management, and have been supported by the efforts and funding of EMI-affiliated faculty.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program

Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of ecosystem management will find a variety of professors and research projects compatible with their interests. The commitment to interdisciplinary teaching has brought together the social and the natural sciences within SNRE for many doctoral students. For those students with an even broader focus, the choice of pursuing doctoral degrees in multiple departments, for example SNRE and Anthropology, has also been increasingly common among our interdisciplinary-focused doctoral students.

For more information on graduate degree requirements for both the Masters and Ph.D. programs, please visit the School's Graduate Programs website.



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