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EMI Trainer, Steven Yaffee facilitates a discussion to prioritize group strategies during an evaluation planning workshop for the Northeast Nevada Stewardship Group.

Our [evaluation] plan is great and will serve our efforts well. [We have] already reaped benefits beyond our program.

Andy Laurenzi,
Program Director
Sonoran Institute

Organizations involved in ecosystem management differ in many ways including their overarching goals, strategies, and structure. Some organizations focus predominately on ecological outcomes while others concentrate on socioeconomic goals; some operate with numerous paid staff while others function on volunteer leadership; and some are coalitions of individual groups while others work alone. Given these and many other differences, there is a need to develop evaluation plans and adaptive management processes that are tailored to the position and needs of various organizations.


At EMI, we provide tailored assistance to help natural resource practitioners imagine, develop, and implement evaluation plans and adaptive management processes for their organizations and projects. A typical planning process will often include some phone consultations and in-person meetings, as well as one group-wide planning workshop. After the workshop, we generally stay involved to continue to refine and package your evaluation plan and, in some cases, to facilitate follow-up meetings to ensure the plan is being implemented.


To date, we have assisted over 10 diverse organizations in developing a custom evaluation or adaptive management plan. This work has given us important insights into the challenges and benefits of site-based, outcome-oriented evaluation; insights that make us uniquely positioned to build the existing capacity of organizations to engage in ecosystem-based evaluation and adaptive management. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our how we might tailor a process to your needs.

Below you will find summaries of representative facilitated processes as well as comments we have received from participants in these processes.

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