Stewards Fall 2021

Meet The Future Of Environmental Justice

In this issue of Stewards, we’re highlighting how SEAS is continuing its mission of turning thought leadership into action that advances sustainability and justice. You’ll read about how SEAS is meeting the future of environmental justice and sustainable mobility, while also learning about the work of our alumni, including a couple who focuses on sustainable tree planting in Kenya and a recent grad who fights wildfires and develops ways to mitigate them.

Stewards Magazine Fall 2020

Innovation and Resilience Through Times of Challenge and Change

In this first all-digital issue of Stewards, we’re highlighting the resilience and dedication of our SEAS community to solving the world’s pressing issues, even in the midst of adversity.

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In our special edition of Stewards (Fall 2019), the SEAS alumni magazine, we featured “Honoring Our Past,” which traced the story of the school’s evolution from its beginnings as the Department of Forestry in 1903 to the present day. Throughout those 24 pages, we highlighted some of the school’s notable milestones and achievements, and most importantly, the remarkable leadership of our alumni, faculty and students who made lasting impacts in their fields—and in the world.