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Research Themes

SEAS brings together researchers from a wide variety of disciplines that pursue collaborative and highly interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability issues that affect our environment and society.

Examples include... 

  • Energy and climate - providing energy solutions for stable climate systems
  • Food and water - generating security for human needs
  • Land use and transformation - sustainable forestry, agriculture for human needs
  • Conservation and restoration - protecting the Earth's biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Prosperity and health - sustainable economic systems for prosperity and health
  • Social justice and equity - equal distribution of environmental benefits and hazards

These themes are supported by expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Natural sciences: Environmental chemistry, hydrology, ecology
  • Social sciences: Environmental economics, politics, psychology, sociology
  • Engineering: Environmental engineering, industrial ecology
  • Policy & Health: Environmental policy, law, urban and regional planning
  • Design: Urban design, landscape architecture