an owl in a tree

‘Year of COVID’ Photo Contest Winners

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all drawn inspiration and comfort from places a little closer to home, whether it’s hiking outside, visiting a new park, or tackling a new recipe in the kitchen. We asked the SEAS community where their adventures have taken them in the past year, and which places or projects left a footprint on their soul. Here, we share the winning entries in our “Year of COVID” photo contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted images of the people, places, and things that brought them joy and renewed their spirit.

1st place: Justin Schott (MS ’06) & Jennifer Janssen (MS ’08)

Schott finally gets to meet a kindred spirit in the Cascades.

Schott and child

2nd place: María Dabrowski (MS ’22)

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful bird, Gookooko’oo/Great Horned Owl (Anishinaabemowin/English), near my home last winter. Photo taken on traditional Anishinaabek land.

an owl in a tree

3rd place: Scott Bertschy, SEAS Development and Alumni Relations

An evening in fall 2020 on the boardwalk in the Arcadia Marsh Nature Preserve in Arcadia, Michigan.

boardwalk in Arcadia Marsh Nature Preserve