2019 SEAS Capstone Conference

Event Date: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019, 5:00 pm to Friday, April 12, 2019, 4:00 pm

The Capstone Conference is a celebration of graduate student research at SEAS that incorporates thesis, practicum and master's project student presentations. Concurrent presentations are organized into themed sessions that will take place in rooms 1040 and 1028. Clients are invited to attend and the SEAS community is encouraged to attend the presentations as well. 

  • Thursday, April 11 - Concurrent student presentations begin at 5:20pm and conclude with an evening reception in the Ford Commons. Opening remarks from Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Michael Moore are scheduled at 5:10pm.
  • Friday, April 12 - Concurrent student presentations run all day beginning at 9am and conclude at 3pm. Friday activities will include remarks from Dean Overpeck at lunch and a reception in Ford Commons after presentations wrap.

Full Schedule:


5:10pm  General Welcome by Michael Moore, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor) 
  FOOD - Dana 1040  CONSERVATION + RESTORATION - Dana 1028
5:20pm Unpacking the Costs of Specialty Coffee Production in Colombia (Madeline Carnemark, Daniel Partin, Lauren Baum, Kathy Tian) Inspiration Ridge Preserve Protocols for Ecological Inventories and Management (Kelsey Blongewicz, Lorena Cortes, Emily Finch, Lauren Joyal, Dorthea Leisman, Liz McLaughlin) 
5:45pm Sustainable Food Systems Design and Education at a Multi-Use Site: Kalamazoo Valley Community College Food Innovation Center (Derell Griffin, Evan Granito, Ian Bernstein, Zonghao Li)   High-resolution Remote Sensing to Identify Tree Plantations and Natural Forests in Southern India (Weiqi Zhou) 
6:10pm Implications of Monsoon Cropping Decisions on Wheat Sowing dates in the Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains  (Maanya Umashaanker) Effects of A Long-Term Food Manipulation Study on Red Squirrel Behavior (Zoe Goodrow) 
6:35pm Determining the barriers to engaging in aquaponics and sustainable agricultural systems in São Carlos, Brazil (Lexi Brewer) The response of critically endangered West African lions to threats within a protected area complex (Kirby Mills) 
7:00pm Mapping Cover Crops Area in Southeastern Michigan with Remote Sensing Data from Sentinel-2 (Xuewei Wang) Influence of Avian Malarias on Plumage in a Migratory Songbird (Kati Fleming)  
7:25pm Tradeoffs of multiple sensor for mapping crop intensity in smallholder systems (Harrison Smith) The role of Higher Order Interactions in structuring competitive communities: Empirical evidence from arboreal ant communities (Iris Rivera)  
7:50pm -8:15pm Assessing the efficacy and influence of cultural pest management on arthropod communities in Michigan tart cherry orchards (Hagan Capnerhurst) Constructing the Poacher: Narratives of Blame in Ivory Poaching (Marlotte de Jong)
8:15pm-9:00pm Continue your conversations about the presentations and enjoy food and refreshments during the closing reception in Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor)  

 FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019

8:30am Coffee and Bagels in the Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor)
9:00am   Michigan Environmental Justice Assessment: Determinants of Disparities for an Equitable Future (Laura Grier, Delia Mayor, Brett Zeuner)
9:25am Scope 3 Emissions Assessment and Circular Economy Protocol Development at Ford Motor Company (Laura Aguilar Esteva, Akshat Kasliwal, Michael Kinzler) Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Alley Maintenance in the City of Detroit (Roberto Astudillo, Shruti Soni, Wona Sung, Xinyi Wang)

100% Renewable Energy Plan for Leelanau County, MI (Abhijeet Walchale, Leona Liu)

Pest Management at D-Town Farm, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) (Linnea Carver, Ardra Venugopal)
10:15am Life Cycle Comparison of Manual and Machine Dishwashing (Gabriela Porras) Emergence of plastic pollution on tourism beaches in Zanzibar, Tanzania (Carol Maione) 
10:40am   Evaluating the Potential Environmental Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles (Jim Gawron)
11:05am Improving Climate Resilience in the Seychelles: Evaluating the Impacts of Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surges on Seychelles' Critical Infrastructure (Harold Rice, Brett Rolf, Jacob Rumschlag, Daniel Xie)  
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch with remarks from Dean Overpeck
  CLIMATE + ENERGY - Dana 1040 WATER - Dana 1028 
12:30pm  The differential effects of climate on tree growth as a function of edaphic conditions (Caleb McCollum) Blue Communities (Adam Arend, Lingzi Liu, Kaitlin Vapenik, Nancy Ye, Kangyu Yu)  
12:55pm  Carbon Management at the University of Michigan (Ben Rego)  Evaluating human and environmental well-being in Alaska's Kachemak Bay watershed (Ellie Flaherty, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Trey Snow)
1:20pm    Public Advisory Councils in the Michigan Areas of Concern: What Factors Enable and Constrain Progress (Allison Voglesong Zejnati) 
1:45pm  Modeling Climate Change at UMBS (Hana Qoronfleh) Protesting on Behalf: Constructing Legitimacy in Water Movements (Saachi Das Kuwayama) 
2:10pm  Biomass Residue-Fueled Microgrid for Rural Community in Puerto Rico (Davied Cordero, Michelle Farhat, Bret Fickes, Jonathan Pruitt, Selim Sardag)    
2:35pm  Business Models for Energy Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets (Ellen Abrams, Kevin Bosma, Matthew Carney, Connor Cox, Allison Miller, Amanda Willis)  
3:00pm-4:00pm Continue your conversations about the presentations and enjoy food and refreshments during the closing reception in Ford Commons (Dana Bldg, 1st Floor)  

Presentation Format

20-minute presentations with 5 minutes of Q&A

Each presentation will include: 

  • The research question - background and rationale
  • Explanation of findings
  • Importance of work and recommendations

Samuel T. Dana Building (Ford Commons, 1040 and 1028)

Contact person(s): 
Nate Geisler, SEAS Employer Relations Manager (nrg@umich.edu)