Shelie Miller

Director, Program in the Environment; Jonathan W. Bulkley Collegiate Professor of Sustainable Systems; U-M Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Sustainability


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago (civil and materials engineering)

ME, Clarkston University (civil and environmental engineering)

BS, Denison University (chemistry)

1532 Dana


Professor Miller's research uses life cycle assessment and scenario modeling to identify environmental problems before they occur. Historically, our society has taken a reactionary approach to the environment. By proactively understanding the environmental issues of emerging technologies, we can identify a greater number of options and more creative solutions to avoid or reduce negative consequences. Miller's research group works on a variety of energy-related topics, including the energy-water nexus, bioenergy, refrigeration in the food system, and autonomous vehicles.

  • 2016 NSF UNS Program,  U.S.-China: Integrated Systems Modeling of Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus for Urban Sustainability, $499,990, PI: Ming Xu
  • 2011 NSF Environmental Sustainability Program, Developing a Spatially-Explicit Agent-Based Life Cycle Analysis Framework for Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Bioenergy Systems, $310,000, 9/1/2011-8/31/2014 PI: Ming Xu, University of Michigan
  • 2011 Argonne National Laboratory, Update Material Production Modules in GREET 2 Model, $100,000, 5/3/11-9/30/11, PI: Greg Keoleian, University of Michigan 
  • 2010 NSF Science Master's Program: Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, $700,000 6/1/2010-5/31/2014, PI: Ronald Andrus, Clemson University
  • 2009 NSF CAREER Program, Creation of Predictive and Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment Tool; $403,000, 1/1/2009-12/31/2014, PI: Shelie Miller
  • 2009 NSF Environmental Sustainability Program, Workshop Proposal: Land Use and Geospatial Aspects of Life Cycle Assessment; $80,000 1/1/2009-12/31/2009; PI: Tom Seager, RIT


Select publications: 


International Society of Industrial Ecology, ISIE (2001-)

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, SETAC (2006-)

Assoc. of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, AEESP (2007-)

American Associate for the Advancement of Science (2015-Present)


Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee (2015-Present).

Steering Committee, Academic Engagement in Public and Political Discourse, University of Michigan, (2013-15).

Nominating Committee, International Society of Industrial Ecology (2011-14).