Conservation Ecology Career Resources

Graduates of SEAS's ConEco program are well prepared to work in research, management, restoration, consulting, and education within government, nonprofits, environmental consulting agencies, and private corporations. Specific positions include fisheries biologists, limnologists, ecologists, remote-sensing specialists, wetlands ecologists, and natural resource managers, just to name a few. Some of our graduates also continue into PhD programs and get academic jobs at institutions of higher education. Below you'll find a list of employers of ConEco graduates.

Featured ConEco Employers


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Internship Information

ConEco students acquire many of the skills listed below. Consider including those that apply to you on your resume:

Resource management, GIS, data analysis, ecology, biodiversity, modeling, field sampling and analysis, flora and fauna identification, environmental management agencies and practices, soil structure, ecological restoration, aquatic and terrestrial community structure, and evolutionary biology.


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