Sample Employers + Professional Skills
Water quality research, CIGLR
I chose SEAS first for its world-class interdisciplinary curriculum, and second for the warm, welcoming community. In the Ecosystem Science and Management track I was able to build on my scientific understanding of global change, but the opportunity to relate these issues to policy and management has been invaluable.
Kirk Acharya ’17
Student Researcher, Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge
Kirk Acharya
Conservation Ecology Internship
Career Coaching
Career review

Ecosystem Science and Management Careers

SEAS Career Services offers career advising, internship opportunities, and professional services for students. We help students make professional connections with alumni and develop career paths that are both fulfilling and impactful.

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Sustainability Themes

Sustainability Themes cut across all specializations—and give students, faculty, and partners a chance to dig deeper into a particular area of impact and interest. Themes are also used as rallying points for cross-campus research, teaching and civic engagement collaborations.
Dual Degree Programs

The hallmark of the SEAS master’s program is its interdisciplinary focus. This focus can be extended even further through the pursuit of a dual degree. Because the school is part of one of the greatest research universities in the world, there are many options. Each natural resources and environment field of study provides an excellent foundation for earning a dual degree.