Global Change Biology

Welcome to the Institute for Global Change Biology

A Nexus for Interdisciplinary Global Change Research

Global change is causing a tailspin collapse of ecosystems.

Human health and loss of life implications are staggering as pathogens become more widespread and virulent, expanding to new areas of the globe.

Ominous statistics of higher greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures, and natural disasters; greater ocean acidification; and loss of coral reefs and charismatic species are likely to come to fruition within the next decade—not the end of the century, as first predicted.

At the IGCB, our mission is to improve our ability to predict and prevent the tragic outcomes of global change.

U-M is stepping up and leading efforts to provide highly interdisciplinary and use-inspired global change biology perspectives that are urgently needed to solve these grand challenges. Though others have tried, no university has had the vision to create an institute that reaches across a top R1 campus to provide the interdisciplinary breadth and strength needed to address the issues in such a comprehensive way."

- Jonathan Overpeck, Samuel A. Graham Dean, University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability